Why Saving Up Is Crucial

April 8, 2021 - 3 minutes read

They ask why lowering your standards just to save up when you are entitled to spend the money you earn? Saving up does not necessarily mean downgrading your livelihood and settling for the minimum. Instead, it means being cost-effective while you save up sufficient funds for the betterment of your future. We are no fortune-tellers to predict our future circumstances whether we will be struck by any catastrophes. As a result, when life is going seemingly well and income is rather consistent, we should always allocate a portion of our funds for future use, whether it is for your own good or for your future children. Suppose you are still trying to be convinced of the importance of saving, here are some concrete reasons. 

Endless Unprecedented Circumstances 

The world is full of unpredictability in which we are unable to discover beforehand. One major example would be the Covid-19 pandemic where no fortune-tellers are able to predict its transpiration. Look where we are now, increased unemployment rate, awful economic recession, increased death tolls, so on and so forth. Many families are unfortunately unequipped with sufficient resources to go through this very unprecedented episode of their life, having them to somewhat struggle. With enough funds, we may still be able to afford minimal living at least throughout this period. Here is where our savings can be practically put to use. 


While our savings reach a certain limit, you can consider putting it to invest. Investing allows you to get something in return rather than just having it stay there for nothing. One brilliant investment you can consider being involved in is none other than property investment. Suppose you already have a stable unit to comfortably reside in, you can always rent it out like kota kemuning condo or make it a homestay to those seeking temporary stay. 

A Better Living Environment 

With sufficient funds, we can always switch up our living environment, suppose something is going wrong with our current unit, or just simply seek an upgrade in our livelihood. Just because you have already settled down for a few decades does not mean you are obliged to stick with the same place for as long as you are alive, always aim for the better in which you may get in kota kemuning condo for sale. Apart from that, if your situation requires you to switch areas, for example, your job assigned you to a temporary outbound project, despite being partially sponsored by your organization, you can always make use of your own funds to afford better ones like condominium kota kinabalu. It is important for us to reside in an environment we can feel most like home when we are away from home, it is a comfort not easily gained.

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