What You Should Know About Social Media

February 28, 2021 - 5 minutes read

Social media has not been here for long enough for us to know what it does to us. Even scientists have not fully grasped the effects of social media yet and has yet to know how it will harm us. Though it’s only here for about two decades social media users have understood that to use the sites is to be cautious as well. The sites have bridged issues that were not even a problem last decade such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal with Facebook.

The scandal involved Facebook who was allegedly stealing millions of users’ information which were used to sell them. This scandal shook the privacy users trusted social media companies to have. You can also go here to know social media companies Malaysia. Here are some things you should know about social media.

First is privacy policy issues. Privacy has been a huge issue to users since the dawn of social media. Putting our most intimate moments on site is an option but them using it as information is something users did not agree to but there’s more to it. Privacy was not a big issue before the social media boom occurred. It was simply a matter of not giving personal information but ever since we started sharing everything about us, privacy took a huge turn. Now privacy means right to our information and how we choose to distribute it.

Recently even Facebook subsidy WhatsApp took a hit with its new policy announcing that it will share everything on the app besides our conversation which came as a shock. Users immediately flocked to other messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram to ensure their information is kept safely.

What’s upsetting about this, was more than half of whatsapp users were detected as Malaysians. We know we’ve been using the app as our most primary form of communication due to its simplicity but maybe it’s time for a change? It doesn’t come as baffling as Facebook’s privacy policy agreement. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it means you’ve never paid attention to it. You know the 30 pages scroll you go through whenever you apply for something and quickly click agree to? That’s what I mean. Those pages you scrolled past and agreed to might have incited you to agree to unfair privacy terms that you did not even understand to. Most of the jargons used in there are not even understandable, much less comprehensible to regular everyday people.

Not only Facebook but twitter, Google, TikTok and literally every communication and social media platform may have been using our information to sell to third parties via a consent form we agreed to but did not even understand. If you’ve been wondering why you’ve got many strange spam mail, maybe you’ve finally gotten your answer. This also allows them to target advertisements to you specifically. Like have you ever experienced seeing a product after you’ve spoken about it? Well certain apps have the ability to listen to you and you’ve actually allowed them to turn on the mic and listen to it.

To prevent privacy blunders such as these in the future, we’ll advise you to advocate for better privacy agreements in the future. If you wish to stop your information being sold, we’ll advise you to delete your account and create an account where you don’t post anything so that you’ve got better control over your privacy. Good Luck. 

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