Ways to protect yourself against cybercrime

February 12, 2021 - 5 minutes read

Cybercrime is something more serious than many people believe it to be. Because now everything is basically online, more and more information can be found on the internet and this includes our private information. It is claimed that with the Covid-19 pandemic happening, there is an increase in the number of cyber threats globally. Taking advantage of the pandemic, hackers would use coronavirus-related malicious apps that focus on topics like testing and remote working to exploit consumers and business owners when they use the app. Thus, during this time where we rely heavily on the internet, we should educate ourselves on the cybersecurity that is available so that we can avoid becoming victim to scams and fraud. This article would help point out the different important points on how to protect oneself online while working from home.

1 – Secure internet connection
Securing your home internet connection is very important. When you work from home, it is most likely that you will use your home Wi-Fi network and to make sure it is protected, you would need a strong password. It is better to change the default password you find on the router and to do it immediately because attacks can happen at any time. Once your password has been set up, make sure to keep it a secret from other people outside your family. In addition, keeping your connection encrypted would help keep your information safe. To maximize the security, choose WPA2-AES when you select the security setting on the Wi-Fi. This would make all information you send encrypted which means it would be even harder to hack. Nowadays, with more smart devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi, it increases the possibility for hackers to gain entrance so make sure that these devices are secured with strong passwords as well.

2 – Update your software
When the laptop you use is your company’s, it is hard for the company to keep the software update automatically because you are working remotely. The advice is that if you ever see notifications on updates, do not ignore those notifications. Click on it and update your software. Whenever software companies offer updates that fix security flaws, that can be a signal for the hackers that there are some devices that are still running the older version of the software. That can be a danger to your device which means that updating your software is very important because by updating you are essentially changing the locks and that would make it even harder for hackers to get in.

3 – Set two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication can help tremendously to protect your accounts and such because even when a hacker obtained your username and password, with two-factor authentication, that would be useless because they would not have the necessary information to pass through the second security. When they cannot get through the second step, there is a high chance they would give up and go to some other account. It is undeniable that it can slow down your login process but if it means it can better protect your information and stop hackers effectively, then it is better slow then dangerous.

People tend to be very skeptical when it comes to hacking because they believe themselves to be no one important for hackers to hack into. However, please know hackers can hack into anybody’s account with malicious intents such as to steal your money or to gain access to your private photos and more. People can be unpredictable and dangerous so do not underestimate the weight of cybercrimes. Stay as far away as possible and one other way that can secure your internet connection is to get high-speed internet. With Time internet Malaysia, you will find the stability and reliability of high-speed internet would protect your internet connection better.

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