The Newbie’s Booklist For Forex Trading: 2021 Edition

February 26, 2021 - 4 minutes read

Whether you are getting your information from the best forex traders in Malaysia or from blogs like these, nothing can beat a comprehensive book that breaks it all down.

Books help us grasp the basics and fundamentals before jumping into the world of trading. Here are some of the books that can help you lead the way. 

  1. Currency Trading For Dummies By Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan 

If you are looking into trading as a beginner and have no idea how to start or what to do, this is a solid book for you. The book covers the main principles and ideas behind currency trading that every trader must be aware of. Understanding the principles increases the chances of winning trades and saves you from heartbreaking losses. 

  1. Naked Forex: High-Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators By  Alex Nekritin, Walter Peters

Forex traders tend to lose their interest within a short period of time after much consistency when they fail to see any result. Perhaps a book covering all the basics and providing you with a practical and engaging guide on how to outwit the most well-resourced traders, then you may be able to keep up with the process for much longer. The book is straightforward and is much like a guide for those who want to understand their mistakes and misconceptions in the beginning. The author focuses on easing your frustrations as you struggle with forex trading and helps you with the psychology behind the systems. 

  1. Trading Psychology 2.0: From Best Practices to Best Processes – Brett N. Steenbarger

The art of trading is not far from the beauty of psychology. These are two intertwined topics that must be understood by the traders from the very early stages on. The author, who is a trading psychologist offers the readers advice and proven techniques on how to better understand and analyze the market, and how to take actions that deliver results, and how to implement them properly. The combination of case studies, illustrations, and other engaging content in a blog-like style make this book a very compelling and educational book for every novice and experienced trader. 

  1. Stock Market Wizards: Interviews with America’s Top Stock Traders 

What better way is there to learn than to hear directly from the world’s most phenomenal traders themselves. These traders have witnessed and lived through the dramatic failures of hedge funds, a collapse in commodity prices, dramatic and many other falls and stumbles outside of the internet world. This book provides insight into many aspects of the interviewees and the author does a compelling job at keeping the readers on their toes. Anyone invested in the art of trading must take a shot at this book. 

Books go a long way as our mentor when we cannot afford a class or cannot afford to interview the top traders. Get prepared to take notes and insights from these wonderful books designed for both novices and the experienced. 

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