On The Beach With: Fay Hokulani

October 24, 2019 - 1 minute read

She trains Muay Thai and could probably kick our ass to the curb, but that’s what we like about her. This South islander (okay, Singaporean) has looks to knock you sideways too. You’d have to beat Bear Gryll’s to get attention but your reward would be a woman who can appreciate roughing it out and sharing space with Halle Berry. Hosting the AXE Anarchy Island contest, one very lucky young man will get to rub tanning lotion onto Fay’s back on a far flung Caribbean island, all expenses paid. And who doesn’t want to be that man?! Still, not that we want to gloat (oh yes we do), we got to chat with Fay and find out what makes her want to strip down and get her bikini out.