Freelance Jobs You Can Do

March 4, 2021 - 4 minutes read

The job market is trying to recover after the devastating covid 19 pandemic hit. There aren’t many jobs left on the market. Some of us have been left without a job and are trying to get whatever we can to earn some cash for our families. Some of us have taken on freelance jobs, as they are one of the few ways you can make a living these days. So here are some freelance jobs you can do to support yourself and your family temporarily till the job market recovers.

The first job you can try is MLM. There are many options for MLMs and you can even pick the cloud mlm software to ensure you have a job. You can pop by to any mlm site and see if you join their team from there. Working in MLM is a tough job and it requires you to hustle a lot for a job. You might also need to face a lot of rejection but MLM can allow you to earn some income with a verified team. This will at least allow you to sustain temporarily. Furthermore, with MLM you should be prepared to give up some of your sales because your superior will take a cut of it. However, you’ll get your money’s worth in the end if you are successful and you might be able to stop working a full-time job,

The next is software developer. Software developers are all the rage nowadays. Most of the time they don’t even ask for experience and all is needed is a degree. With all the technology and development, what many recruiters look for is competent software developers and if you don’t want to work for a company, you can even work freelance. Among the many jobs who allow you to work freelance, software engineers and software developers are the highest. Many companies hire them to develop some software and pay them the copyright for it. After that, the software developers can take on another job to develop another software. They can also even work two projects at the same time if they can handle it.

Tuition teachers. After the pandemic, there’s an influx for a need of tuition teachers. Many parents are looking for tuition teachers to educate their children due to there being online learning. As innovative as online learning seems, it’s not easy to adapt to online learning. Tuition teachers earn about 10-15 ringgit per hour and if they work  hours a day can earn 90 per day and about 450 per week. That’s decent earning compared to not earning at all. The only thing you need is the knowledge and the ability to teach children or teenagers. It might not be the ideal type of working but it’s better than doing nothing.

We hope you take our tips on freelance jobs and apply for them. Freelance jobs allow you to work whenever you want and will allow you to work independently. Take these tips and work your way through this pandemic.

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