An Office In Your Home: For The New Business Owner

April 12, 2021 - 4 minutes read

The pandemic has forced us out of the typical four-walled office to the luxury of our home. Perhaps it was not such a big luxury given the financial restriction we had to face over the year. Given the difficulty, many of us opted for the chance to grow our business while at home. Whether it is to start our own marketing form, or an agricultural business, or a plant business, or a jewelry-making business, we all had our time with it during the pandemic. 

But it was not easy to start our business at home. To have to grow it from the comfort of our home is not easy as anyone made it sound. The movable partition Malaysia has in their offices is what we missed when we were doing our businesses. We missed the atmosphere of a working environment to conduct and build our business. 

So how could we replicate a similar environment in our home, that is perfect for our business matters. This office space we create in our home is where we do our financials, accounting, administrative work, marketing and promotions, designing, and signing off on manufacturing. The magic happens here and the magical place should be a great reflection of the rand itself and ourselves.

So how can we make a section of our home the office?

Get The Appropriate Furniture

The office is not the office without its furniture. There are many different types of offices around the world. We have the typical office with the desk and chair, and on the other side of the world, we have a treehouse as an office, in the office. Some even have the luxury of a bean bag chair in the corner with a tiny desk to do all our work. Personally, I believe if you a are business owner, you need your own desk and a comfortable chair of your own. You are an all in one, business owner. You have a thousand tasks to handle and no employees to handle them for you. The luxury and benefit of appropriate furniture can certainly boost up the productivity and efficiency of the work we do. 

Utilize The Power Of Plants

Not all of us are huge fans of the greenery and big plants. Nevertheless, plants hold a miraculous power in making our workplace a part of different parts of the home. They improve our productivity and vibrancy of our work by great means. They also help establish our work environment as a place we could appreciate and live in. As for some of us who are not the greatest fans of plants, we could use a little of the power of flowers. Flowers much like plants can have the same impact on us. It may not provide oxygen the way a plant would, a flower can give of the warmth, embrace, and colors we need. They are soothing for our soul and for our eyes. 

Paint A Nice Colour 

What are some of your favorite choices of wall colors?  Do you prefer something neutral, somber, and subtle as opposed to the vibrant colors and hues of maroon, orange, pink, and yellow. Maybe you are a fan of the choices of grey, ivory, off-white, and beige. Whatever color we may or may not choose, please make sure to choose a color that matches your personality and the appropriate furniture you have chosen. 

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