About Medical Assistant Course.

June 17, 2021 - 3 minutes read

This Physician Assistant course is an Associate program and the participant graduates as a Medical Assistant with the degree of Associate of Science (AS). The content of this program has been designed to instruct the graduate how to work in medical clinics, hospitals and other health centers. The Associate of Science degree for Physician Assistant is earned by achieving a total of 91 credits in 1,340 hours.

This course begins with a basic module where the general knowledge required for the associate degree is taught, which includes classes in Anatomy and Physiology, general aspects of Computing, Algebra and knowledge of Psychology, as well as the regulations of the Health System that must manage a Medical Assistant.

What is a Medical Assistant?

The Physician Assistant is a healthcare professional who has acquired multiple skills in procedures commonly performed in the ambulatory healthcare setting and performs activities related to patient care under the guidance of a licensed physician. The medical assistant participates in the initial evaluation of the patient, contributes in the administration of some medications and is professionally trained to take blood samples, electrocardiogram studies, respiratory function and others that are carried out in a clinic or doctor’s office. Among other aspects, the medical assistant is prepared to opt for the basic X-ray technician license, which is included in his study program.

Medical Assistant students of best university in malaysia for foundation in science upon graduation with an Associate of Science Degree are not only more competitive but they are ready to specialize in certain branches of medicine and also obtain certification, in Dermatological Physician Assistant, Aesthetician Medical Assistant or Research Medical Assistant, as part of your specialization. Credit transfers from other schools are accepted as long as they are accredited or authorized by a recognized institution

Course objectives

Among the objectives of the course, the highest priority is that the students become professionals ready to work not only in health care services, but can also integrate as an active professional in aesthetic medical services and are prepared to work in any spa doctor, dermatology clinic or aesthetic practice. At the end of the course graduates are prepared to handle the latest technology in their field and can opt for a National Certification exam.

International Physicians and other Health Professionals

Physicians and other healthcare professionals who are graduated from other countries and who are not actively licensed in their profession in the State of Florida and who wish to work as a medical assistant while regulating their professional status, or preparing for licensing examinations, will 75% of their credits are accepted, for which they must present the certification of grades and the title of Doctor of Medicine or the profession in which they graduated.