Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer for concrete

September 6, 2020 - 3 minutes read

There are additional natural or synthetic chemicals that are added to the concrete before or during mixing. Additives are used to give special properties to fresh or solid concrete. Additions can increase the stability, practicality, or strength properties of a particular solid.

Manufacturers use significant additions to reduce concrete construction costs. Cleaning concrete Ensuring the quality of concrete retarding agent during mixing, transportation, and hardening; And manage some emergencies during some operations.

The polycarbonate oxide slate plasticizer is an advanced compound that allows reducing the proportion of cement in water without affecting the effectiveness of the compound. It also enables the production of high strength, high-performance concrete.

Super Plasticizer, also called High-Speed ​​Plasticizer or Heart Rate Inhibitor (HRWR), reduces water volume by 12 to 30% and produces a faster flow of minimal natural and hydrated concrete. ۔ Cement can be added to the concrete at a reduced rate.

 (In construction materials), natural or synthetic materials that are mixed with bonding agents, concrete and mortars that give the final product the necessary properties and reduce its cost. Contributors are categorized into several groups based on their purpose and characteristics.

The main difference between additives and mixtures is that additives are added to the cement for the sake of cement, while new properties are added to the cement, while concrete is added to the concrete mix to obtain new properties.

Various mixes are used in concrete to improve the performance of concrete, and concrete mixes are defined as water mixed with concrete, and materials other than cement. So the following are the types of concrete admixtures which are as follows.

1. Water reduction mixer: Water-reducing compounds are used to increase the strength and efficiency of concrete and reduce costs. They are those that contain some organic compounds or compounds of organic and inorganic compounds to reduce the need for mixed water for a particular decomposition.

2. Retiring Additives: Retiring adhesives are used to slow down the fixing rate of concrete. By slowing down the initial stabilization time, the concrete mixture can survive in a new mixing state before it reaches solid form.

3. Rapid Mixing: The best definition of mixing acceleration kit is a mixture that, when added to concrete, mortar, or pasta, increases the wetting rate of hydraulic cement, and shortens the fixation time and initial expansion force. ۔ The rate goes up.

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