Famous Women Entrepreneurs In Malaysia

April 2, 2021 - 3 minutes read

An entrepreneur is a person that builds an enterprise with their own innovation and skill.  This person manages and takes the necessary risk for their business to be successful. Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight, it requires lots of transformation, development, and time. An entrepreneur is defined by the strength someone’s capable of taking the risk to start a new business or some other form of enterprise. A person that takes risk either fails or gets the profit they aiming for. But all, when you think of an entrepreneur you only will be thinking of a man behind those words. Being a Malaysian, you may come to a surprise that statistically there are more women entrepreneurs than men. Let’s take a look at those successful women entrepreneurs.

  1. Ivanna Salehudin

Ivanna is the co-founder of Nova Satra is a diagnostic company that aims to empower their patients and physicians through research, progression, and commercialization of blood-related test that offers an accurate detection of cancer.  Novo Tect Bc is the most significant outcome of Nova Satra, this helps to detect breast cancer in Asian patients.

  1. Raja Jesrina Arshad

Raja Jesrina Arshad is the co-founder of Purely B, an online portal that focuses on offering solutions and consultation on information and maintains a  healthy lifestyle. Purely B has a massive growth ever since its establishment in 2015. It has expanded to creating television content and has been nominate as one of 20 Malaysian startups for Standford University’s entrepreneurship program. 

  1. Datin Dian Lee

She is the founder of The Clearwater Group, it is an award-winning property company. She has made a brand name for herself as one of the youngest property developers in Malaysia. The Clearwater Group is one of the best companies in  Malaysia branding and in the industry. Lee has also involved in the food and fitness industries, managing two restaurants, Ploy and Way, and a wellness center, Be Urban Wellness. She was honored as Malaysia’s Most Promising Young Woman of the Year in 2007.

  1. Datin Vivi Yusof

Yusof is one of Malaysia’s top influencers with over 1.8 million followers on Instagram. She is the co-founder of the online fashion website Fashion Valet. It has been distributing the latest fashion styles for Asians since 2010, providing a platform for Asian designers. In 2014, Yusof also become the founder of dUCK, a fashion accessories company that manufactures colorful and chic scarfs.

  1. Jenn Low

Before Jenn Low started her own jewellery brand Wanderlust + Co in Melbourne, she was working as an accountant. She decided to leave her job and persuade into business. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, and Kendall Jenner wears her designed jewellery. Low has also involved in Women for Women International using Wanderlust+ Co to empower female survivors of war by providing them with the necessary equipment to live independently.

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